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Paper-thin characters

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In the beginning there was the cube. Then beady black eyes blinked and little paws popped out, so the cube became the animal. Parigami‘s character design was highly inspired by origami. We would search for reference pictures of origami animals and even try folding some ourselves before sketching. We tried to come up with complex,…

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20 Abril, 2015

Parigami – Concurso beta testing 7 a 17 Abril

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A Awesome Software está prestes a terminar o novo jogo Parigami, um match-3 que estará disponível para iOS, Facebook, e futuramente Android e Windows Phone. Precisamos da tua ajuda para testar o nosso jogo e por isso, lançámos este concurso para premiar quem conseguir as melhores pontuações do jogo! Podes participar com o teu dispositivo…

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1 Abril, 2015