Awesome proudly presents… Soul Rush!

By | 29 Outubro, 2014 | Press | Comments are disabled for this post.

It’s finally out there! Soul Rush!!!…

Our team worked on this game for nearly one year… and it was quite a ride!
Soul Rush is a mobile runner game for iPhone and Android. The game follows Rad, the devil dude, on a race across an apocalyptic scenario.

Brace yourselves for the end of the world! A huge cataclysm struck Earth, leaving it cluttered with wandering souls. Heaven and Hell are set on a battle to see who collects them all… and you’re on the underworld’s side! Help Rad on his quest to collect the largest amount of souls and get on his boss’ good side. Maybe it will land him Employee of the Month?…

Race your way across the apocalypse on a sweet ride, fighting angels and wrecking whatever stands in your way! Stay alive on the road for as long as you can, collect all the souls, shoot your Grapple Gun to overcome long jumps and destroy your enemies using your Wrecking Ball Dash!