Let’s Celebrate Launch Day!

By | 14 Maio, 2015 | Awesome | Comments are disabled for this post.


Parigami is a match-three puzzle-adventure set in a beautiful papercraft African wilderness that’s due out on iOS this 14th of May.

Everything in Parigami is made out of paper. The map where all of the levels are displayed is made up of origami and paper animal cut outs.

The levels are far from the norm, though. Rather than swap individual tiles, here you move the columns and rows in your efforts to match three animals together.

Do just that and the paper animals will burst into confetti. Manage to match four or more though and your score will be drastically increased following an enormous paper bomb explosion.


Occasionally, you’ll come across a minigame tied to one of the six main characters based on well-known African animals. The minigames range from cleaning out Ollie the oryx’s habitat, feeding Mamma Hippo’s children lotus flowers, or chasing away the lion antagonist, Fang.

These minigames reward you with paper popper boosters which you’ll no doubt need to complete the more difficult main levels you’ll come across.

If you own an Apple Watch, you’ll be pleased to read that there’s a companion app in which you’ll help take care of a baby booby bird, Buddy, who will help you on your adventures in Parigami in return.

Head on over to the AppStore to get the game!