Paper-thin characters

By | 20 Abril, 2015 | Parigami | Comments are disabled for this post.

In the beginning there was the cube. Then beady black eyes blinked and little paws popped out, so the cube became the animal.

Parigami‘s character design was highly inspired by origami. We would search for reference pictures of origami animals and even try folding some ourselves before sketching. We tried to come up with complex, interesting shapes, that would still be recognizable as a a simple silhouette. The animal’s poses and expressions are also intended to reflect each of their personalities. At some point we made a choice to show both of the animal’s eyes and use a brighter color palette.


As we spent so much of our time scribbling and animating the animals, at some point we had to give them names and personalities. These character traits ended up making it into the game, enriching both game visuals and story.

Rupert the rhino is a friendly, gentle soul. The older Ollie the orix is grumpy and short-tempered. Greg the gorilla uses his muscles more often than his brain. Zack the zebra is brave, loud and careless! Ellie the elephant is sweet and motherly. Sonia the skunk is confident, sassy and smelly!


Another dear character is the Baby Buddy bird!… A joyful hatchling who’s just learning how to fly!


And of course every story needs an antagonist. Fang the lion is always trying to eat the the other animals! Somebody get him some homework for breakfast, because this lion is addicted to the taste of paper!