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It was Halloween on Parigami! We were so busy handing out candy that we couldn’t find the time to come here and tell you. It was amazing, though. Check it out!


Zack is always first… he is the fastest! He may dress up as Flash for Comic con, but for Halloween he decided to go with Zebranstein’s monster. We think he rocked it!


Ellie the Elephant is already getting ready for Halloween! She dressed up as a witch, but knowing her gentle nature, she will be more of a good witch!


Old Ollie isn’t a big fan of having kids running around in costume, ringing his bell door and asking for candy.
-“Get out of my yard! Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? Back in my day there was no candy, just some bread and a piece of coal if you didn’t watch your mouth!”

Gee Ollie, cool it down. Play some Parigami ^^


This was Baby Buddy’s first Halloween ever! He was so happy that all of you helped him learn how to fly that he wanted to dress up as a bat! Look at how he cute is! Don’t tell him he doesn’t look that scary, I don’t think he knows that!