Soul Rush Original Soundtrack

By | 27 Novembro, 2014 | Soul Rush | Comments are disabled for this post.

The first music that comes to mind when we think of a devil biker collecting souls in an apocalyptic scenario would be some sort of heavy metal or hard rock theme, right?

The trouble is, I was never a big fan of that genre of music and from what I could understand, neither were most guys in the studio. (There were actually a few tracks playing throughout gameplay that were a bit like that when I entered the project).
I remember being in that very first meeting where the guys were presenting me the game and start earning an abstract “sound pallete” in my head. Not a particular melody or rhythm, but a blurry sound of an hybrid ensemble combining electric guitar riffs and 8bit arpeggios…

It is quite normal having musical ideas popping into my head like this. The tricky part is to put them in action and making them work. When you are aiming for something that you are not quite sure what it is, no specific reference or particular song that you can learn from, there are huge chances that you will be wasting days working on something that will not sound good in the end. When that happens, and it does happen time to time, you have no choice but to start from scratch afterwards…
Lucky enough that didn’t happen when I started composing for Soul Rush, and I was very happy when the guys approved the game’s first theme “Hell ride”.

Pedro Santo