Story of an idea

By | 3 Outubro, 2014 | Soul Rush | Comments are disabled for this post.

Although Soul Rush wasn’t the first game to be released by Awesome, it was the first one to be produced entirely in our studio.

Our main references for game mechanics were runners like Jetpack Joyride, Ski Safari and Zombie Tsunami. Rayman Origins was probably our biggest inspiration for the art style (I mean, how could it not, the art is just so wonderful).

As for the story, we decided to think outside of the box. What if the devilish creatures weren’t the enemy, but our heroes? Collecting the souls of those doomed by the apocalypse and defeating fierce angels! We also decided to take the “boss” expression as literally as possible, designing the hero as it’s employe. And so was born Rad, the devil dude.


We played Easy Rider’s soundtrack a lot to set the mood and actually went as far as using Danny deVito as height reference for Rad. We’re very happy we made him wear pants.
It was a bumpy ride, but we got there and learned a lot along the road!