Angels of evil

By | 1 Setembro, 2014 | Soul Rush | Comments are disabled for this post.

We went over several different concepts before settling with the final Angels characters design. At some point we considered using the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


There were two different design ideas for the rider of Death: the like a sir and the creepy kid, slightly resembling of the Shining. Then we had War riding his red bike. Famine, skinny and in fashion. Pestilence, trying to stab you with her giant syringe. But these seemed a little bit too aggressive so we got started on the Angels.


Our initial Angel designs were a female lancer, a knight, a bulky angel with a shield, a drunk angel that would knock you out by rolling in your direction and a querubim with a bazooka.

To make the gameplay more intuitive, we ended up choosing three designs.


Harriel, the lancer girl; Bobbel, with his steady shield and Georgell, a wizard of sorts. We wanted them to look fierce and for their shape to suggest their corresponding mechanics. The pointy lance needs to be avoided at all costs, but Harriel, the lancer, can be defeated. Bobbel’s stocky shield can only be destroyed using wrecking ball mode. The protection field around Georgell is too dangerous to touch!